Microsoft Dynamics AX for the Automotive & Tire industry, delivered by XAPT

XAPT’s offering TireAX™ is an industry proven end-to-end business management solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform for the automotive and tire industry. XAPT TireAX™ extends the standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX system by adding features for automotive tire retail, wholesale, distribution, fleet management and automotive service operations. TireAX™ is positioned for medium to large organizations in the tire and automotive service industry with special emphasis on multiple site distributed environments.

XAPT TireAX™ tracks all relevant information concerning the automotive tires through the life cycle of the product. Some of the core functionality included within XAPT TireAX includes:

  • Maintenance
  • Contract Management
  • Item Tracking
  • Aging and Replacement Forecasting
  • Fleet Management
  • Logistical Planning