Global Development Centre

XAPT's Global development Center offers a wide range of Microsoft Dynamics AX services including requirements analysis, development, quality assurance, merge and management of customized functionality. XAPT provides cost-effective and high-quality services whether you need in-house full-time developers or you have development projects to be outsourced.

  • Are you a Microsoft Dynamics AX partner lacking development resources?
  • Are you using Microsoft Dynamics AX and want to extend your system with special functions?
  • Do you want to sell your NAV add-on to AX users?

We offer Microsoft Dynamics AX development services to partners and end-users who want an experienced and reliable partner to fulfil their special development projects. Our international team of 20+ developers are specialized in:

  • Finance
  • Trade and Logistics
  • Process and Discrete Manufacturing
  • Warehouse Management
  • Distribution
  • Mobile Devices
  • Pharmaceuticals

Your Benefits

  • Reliability – A senior resource pool takes full responsibility on work and deliveries.
  • Expertise – We have well-seasoned experts in most major business sectors.
  • Quality – We have the necessary experience, practices and structure to deliver exceptional quality results.
  • Flexibility – Utilize resources at any time with no mandatory volume, and fill in any gaps for new and existing projects.
  • HR relief – Save yourself hiring people you may not need after a few months.
  • Lower costs - XAPT employs developers from Central and Eastern Europe who have the best quality to cost ratio worldwide.

Why XAPT’s Global Development Centre?

With almost 15 years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics products, XAPT’s professionals gained extensive knowledge in system and application development. Our team is Microsoft certified, multilingual and experienced with cross-border projects.

In our Global Development Centre, software engineers—including Architects, Consultants, Developers, Quality Assurance Specialists and Release Managers—are dedicated to each project, ensuring stability, full personal control and responsibility. Our competence matrix helps us recruit the most appropriate developers by experience, modules, technologies and products.

XAPT is specialized in Microsoft Dynamics projects, and has served many local and international organizations across a wide business spectrum; from distribution, retail and construction to manufacturing, logistics and pharma.

  • Our Global Development Center is a special unit within XAPT’s organization, consisting of only experienced, senior software engineers.
  • 15 years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics AX enables us to reuse our pre-developed code snippets to serve our clients fast.
  • We have understand local requirements in 40+ countries and have several partners in even more locations.

“Using industry specific solutions and building on their experience, the highly qualified professionals of our partner were able to successfully develop an ERP system that fully meets our requirements in the space of a year, and are also on hand to offer their considerable expertise to our further developments.” Zoltán Varró, Hansa-Kontakt, Hungary

Professional Development Environment

We ensure professional server and software (SQL server, SSRS, SSAS, SharePoint, Visual Studio, Dynamics AX AOS and Client, Office) environments for fast, effective in-house development. We also offer our services via external systems using our clients’ development methodology, if applicable.

Development methodologies: The XAPT Development Strategy defines all development processes from analysis and development specification to final delivery. With this methodology, we are able to standardize our processes, clarify responsibilities and keep high-quality control.

High-Quality Standards

We find it essential to follow Microsoft’s recommendations for custom development, and we also follow Microsoft’s Best Practices for Microsoft Dynamics AX Development. We use Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services because this cloud-based collaborative workspace helps us to manage Microsoft Dynamics AX projects not only for pre-sales and implementation phases, but also for developments as well.

XAPT practices two levels of code review. The first is on the developer’s level, and the Lead Developer performs the second.

Need to Pass CfMD tests?

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) represents a significant step in the delivery of solutions which meet Microsoft’s highest standards to address their business needs. Among our services, we offer to upgrade your specific solution to pass the CfMD test.

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics solutions are:

  • Designed to meet unique business and industry needs, and government requirements.
  • Thoroughly tested and proven to meet Microsoft’s highest standards for partner solutions.
  • Built, supported and maintained by a company that is committed to quality and lasting success.


Do you want to sell your add-on solution for both product users, but it is available for only one product? No problem. We can convert your solution into both Dynamics products so you can enter a whole new market of large enterprise customers while skipping any investments in new team and product adoption.

Close Relationship with Microsoft

Being close to the fire is being part of the future. With a close connection to Microsoft, we gain early access to code drops, giving us more control over the product’s direction. Furthermore, we are better prepared for subsequent releases.

XAPT is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV): ISV is a convenient way to license Microsoft products and integrate them into a software business application. It helps to deliver business solutions to end users by allowing the integration of Microsoft products into other applications and the distribution of the Unified Solution to end users.

XAPT is part of the Technology Adoption Program (TAP): Microsoft has a defined development process that involves some of their top customers and partners to provide valuable input. TAP is a way Microsoft gets early feedback on new product updates, as well as providing important customers insight to future developments.

XAPT is a member of the Microsoft Dynamics AX R&D Council: the membership is an opportunity to collaborate directly with the Microsoft R&D team, learn more about upcoming features, directly influence future releases and leave an imprint in the AX product roadmap.

Ask for more!

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